The Bench Press — Review by Oskr 
Spectacle City takes us on a lavish journey into the dark heart of decadent modern Melbourne. The writing is rich and eloquent, narrated in a voice inpsired by the literary giants of old (think Milton, Nietzsche and Patti Smith). This is a wild and unfettered novel of the kind that is so lacking in contemporary Australia… Spectacle City is a smoking hot first novel from a new Melbourne author. Romantic, gothic and individual, it’s a welcome burst of fresh energy into the local literary scene.

Goodreads — Review by Steve from Troublemag

There’s nothing like a trawl through Melbourne’s dirty, drug-fucked counter-culture to spike the worn out old rebel in my heart.

Lipmag — Interview with Zoya Patel

I realised that if I were to go about things in the mainstream fashion, I would effectively have to sell myself and my ideas to the pompous old men in charge of publishing companies, and that idea never really appealed to me. I am just not a fan of the patriarchal hegemony that saturates the mainstream of anything, particularly literature. Spectacle City is a highly unconventional book, and it really had no place being produced in the mainstream.

ArtsHubReview by Travis Englefield

Spectacle City: An Allegory [is] a pictorial document of a peculiar state of affairs which render general and somewhat universal anxieties and sentiments into a specific, if futile, intoxicated splendour. It exposes white, middle-class existence as both fundamentally boring and persistently vital, all the while never missing a chance to take the piss.

Milk Bar MagFeature piece on the book launch by Ilona Nicola

Spectacle City is being launched in June. This is no ordinary book launch. It’s also a dance party. Curl up those trouser cuffs, grab your messenger bag and get yourself a ticket to the coolest launch party in town.

ThreeThousand MagazineFeature piece on the launch by Kane Daniel

It is right and just that we celebrate Nicola Themiste’s picaresque tale of booze, drugs, gambling, ennui and general youthful dissolution set in a fictionalised Melbourne.

Video of me & Rebecca Harkins-Cross talking about Spectacle City.

Promotional flyer. (PDF)

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